Reflections from Lay Carmelite Annual Retreat – Reflection 2

Lord, we just finished a retreat led by Fr. Fernando Romeral (who looks like a brother of Tony)

Jezzee , our incumbent Director requested our feedback regarding the talk of Fr. Fernando regarding Titus Brandsma. Lord, Blessed Titus is blessed to have such religious be his spokes-person… Fr Fernando is deep.

I asked this question of him:

Is the effectiveness and efficacy of prayer depend on the intercessor (or prayee) being “Holy”?

Fr. Fernando’s answer was: “ Yes, No. I don’t know”

First answer, “Yes”

The bible ( “Trust in him at all times, O people. Pour out your heart before him. God is a refuge for us.” Psalms 62:8) attest to this fact.


Second answer “No”

There are instances that an evil man, or sinful man prays and the prayer is also granted. (the bible is replete with examples and real life dramas)

Third Answer: – “ I don’t know”

We are delving on the mystery of prayer and that is beyond us.

I agree with Jezzee that the last 3 days is the best retreat I’ve attended at Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre: The keynote speaker is a model of Carmelite attitude and spirituality. He doesn’t have NOTES. He spoke extemporaneously, with wit and humour! I believe he can talk about any other saints (which he includes in this talk) and would be able to weave all the Carmelite spiritualities and his experience as Prior General. He is so humble (an example on humility) that he lines up with the “unwashed” His favourite saint is Blessed Titus Brandsma, but I bet you if he talks about St X, the audience would still find the talk interesting and can resonate with his words.

(But of course, I might be bias, because he somewhat looks like Tony)

Loving in Carmel,

Onette (Formation Director)

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