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To share in each other’s ongoing formation experiences, learn and grow in faith together as a community. “A fraternal union – one that renders witness in koinonia of what it has seen and heard…a communion which is the fruit of God’s presence in the life of each member.”

Latest from the Blog

Lessons from Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection – Lenten Reflection

As Easter is almost upon us, I did a bit of reflecting to see how Lent had been going thus far. At the start of Lent, I had asked for guidance from the Holy Spirit as to what I should focus on.  In years past it involved giving things up.  As a kid it was…

Good Friday Reflection on the Third Sorrowful Mystery

I love to contemplate the third sorrowful mystery, the Crowning with Thorns.  It sounds morbid doesn’t it?  I see so much love and dignity in this mystery.  Here the King of the Universe, who could be crowned with comets, stars, the milky way, the entire universe, allows His Sacred Head to be pierced most cruelly…

Banishing our false gods – the importance of detachment in Carmelite spirituality

The first commandment, I am the Lord your God: you shall not have strange gods before me seems fairly straight forward.  We know to worship only the One True God and not other deities, pagan gods, etc.  We also remember Jesus’ words that “You cannot serve both God and mammon” (Mt 6:24) and realize we are not…

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